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The highway underpass in Narrows, Va. also has the Gothic Emblem in the
Ed Painter Jr.

Gary Rolih writes:
Reviewing my PUBLIC timetables shows that the very old "BLOCK" style symbol 
was used on the early timetables until 1931.  This is the N&W with a Bar 
underneath, the ampersand raised up between the N and the W, with "Ry" 
written under the "&".  This symbol is also used as the letterhead marking 
through this period.  The circular script herald shows first on a 1933 
timetable ( I confess I do not have a 1932)with the tuscan/maroon, black 
and white, illustrated cover.  The 1931/32 is the last of the green cover 
series.  I have never seen a circular script herald used on any office 
stationary.  My sources have Norfolk & Western spelled out on the top of 
the page for documents in the 1930's.  This appears to have not changed 
until the adoption of the hamburger herald.

The bridges around here have usually used sandstone abundments with out 
cast symbols, but with a date cast.  Two of the bridges, both steel 
girders, Columbia Parkway and Batavia have steel cut letters spelling 
NORFOLK AND WESTERN suspended UP from the bottom edge of the girders.

The Script Monogram in concrete still exists in Martinsville, VA where the
line crosses over Business US 220. The one on the bridge on US 220 at
Stoneville, NC were destoyed during a highway widening and realingment of
the roadbed.
Cal Reynolds

[Ed King asked:]
>Are you talking about the US11 bridge just south of the Holiday Inn where
>we met in 1998?  Or the overpass about a half-mile south of there?

This bridge is at Cecil, beside the old Midway Builders Supply building, 
and spans Lee Highway where it becomes four lanes. I forget the milepost, 
but the abutment at the west end suggests an older bridge, as the style 
doesn't match the other abutment with the logo. The bridge itself was 
painted silver with "Norfolk And Western" in black on either side. The 
lettering existed until sometime after the Norfolk Southern merger in 1982.
Dave Grigsby

The Kern's Bakery was on the Abingdon Highway (Lee Highway US#11) noth of
town.  As I remember, o good place to watch trains as the N&W main ran just
across the highway.

Springfield VA

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