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I have a rulebook for the Virginian that indicates the following 
timekeeping rules. (I have a suspicion that this rulebook is based on a 
uniform industry standard, although there are no markings to indicate this. 
Can any of you VGN or N&W veterans out there confirm this?)

From: RULES of the Operating Department
The Virginian Railway Company
Effective June 1, 1943

  1. Standard time obtained from the Washington Observatory will be 
transmitted to all points from designated offices at 12:00 o'clock noon, 
Eastern time, daily.

2. Watches that have been examined and certified to by a designated 
inspector must be used by: Yardmasters, Conductors, Engineers, Firemen, 
Outside Hostlers, Brakemen, Telegraph Operators,Section Foremen, Bridge 
Foremen, Masonry Foremen, Extra Gang Foremen, Signal Foremen, Line Foremen, 
Signal Maintainers, Telegraph and Telephone Maintainers, and other 
designated employees.

The certificate in prescribed form must be renewed and filed with the 
Superintendent every April and October.
(Form of Certificate)

This is to certify that on ____, 19__, the watch of ________ employed as 
______ on the ______ R ______
was examined by me. It is correct and reliable, and, with proper care, 
should run within a variation of thirty seconds per week.
Name of Maker _______
Grade ___________
Number of movement ______
Open or hunting case _______
Metal of case _____
Signed, _________, Inspector      Address _________

2a. All men in train service will submit their watches once each month to a 
local watch inspector or other designated party for comparison with 
standard time.

3. Unless otherwise provided, watches of conductors and engineers must be 
compared with a standard clock before commencing each day's work. The time 
when watches are compared must be registered on a prescribed form. The 
location of standard clocks will be shown in the time-table.

3a. Conductors and engineers must compare watches with each other before 
commencing each day's work. Other train employees must compare watches with 
the conductor or engineman as soon as practicable.

3b. Conductors and enginemen whose duties prevent them from having access 
to a standard clock, must either compare daily with conductors who have 
standard time, and who have registered as provided in Rule 3, or get 
standard time by wire.

Further information regarding timekeeping from the VGN Norfolk Division 
timetable #20, effective November 24, 1944; and New River Division 
timetable #21, effective August 5 1945. (These items are from the General 
Instruction sections in the back.)

Norfolk Div:
Sewalls Point Telegraph Office
Norfolk Terminal Station (Station Master's Office)
Victoria - Telegraph and Dispatcher's Office
Roanoke - Yard Office, Walnut Street Tower, and Enginehouse

New River Division:
Roanoke - Yard Office, Walnut Street Tower, and Enginehouse
Princeton - Dispatcher's Office
Elmore - Telegraph Office, Steam and Electric Enginehouses
Page - Telegraph Offices
Penberton - Telegraph Office

National Railway Time Service Co, Chicago, IL
Ballew Watch Shop, Roanoke, VA
McElraths Jewelry Shop, Narrows, VA
Polan Brothers and Siegel, Princeton, WV
H. L. Wikel, Mullens, WV
Polan Brothers and Siegel, Charleston, WV

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