[N&W] Re: Fuel or Water stops?

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Thu May 6 22:30:21 EDT 2004

[Charles Eck asked:]
How often would a through train, for example the Pocahantas with a class J,
stop for water or fuel?

In 1954,  Trains magazine did an article on N&W steam.  As I recall they 
traced the weekly cycle of a J locomotive and it was interesting to see 
that sometimes the loco would run all the way through from Norfolk to 
Cincinnati without change.  But in a week's time, more often than not, an 
engine change took place in Roanoke.  Sometimes, an engine had less than 
two hours to go through servicing before heading out again to practically 
any point on the system.  This could include a run as short as to Monroe 
(Lynchburg) on one of the Southern trains. I have that magazine; I just 
have to find it.  I'll see what I can extract from it.  As far as running 
distances before needing fuel and water, maybe Ed King can answer that.  My 
best guess is that passenger trains took advantage of the coaling and 
watering facilities that straddled the main line in some locations.  There 
were watering standpipes at some of the passenger stations also.

Rick Morrison

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