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I grew up in Kokomo, Indiana.  N&W ran through town and I believe this line
from Indy up to Peru was NKP.  The steel mill was Continental Steel back in
the 70's.  I remember a lot of scrap metal gondolas rolling in.  The mill
had some small motive power of their own that looked like a small GE unit.
Most of the units servicing this site were GP-9's and later GP-35's, 38's
and 40's.
Hope this is of some help.
Randy Courtney

That part of the former NKP between Cleveland and Conneaut is double track
automatic block signals eastward from the Lorain drawbridge to "UD"
(Euclid) -- trains move with the current of traffic.  From "UD" to Conneaut
is single track, traffic control territory.

In the 1964 merger,  the NKP signals remained in place.  You have to remember
that for some reason there was not a surplus of position light signalling.
In fact,
when N&W traffic-controlled the Winston District (about 1972) , signals were
respaced on the Norfolk District to acquire a sufficient number of targets.

One interesting aspect about the signals on the double track east of
there are three signals where the signal indications have been modified.
They MUST flash green for clear or yellow for approach.  If they don't flash,
they're treated as stop signals.  WHY?  So that NS engineers don't confuse
with the signals on the adjacent Cleveland Rapid Transit.

Harry Bundy

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