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[Paul Schaefer asked:]
<< Does anyone know where I might obtain a COMPLETE LIST of ALL the types
and numbers of Steam, Diesel & Electric Locomotives ever run under the
N&W Banner???? >>

Suggest you order "Memories of Norfolk and Western Power" by Paul Carleton,
and "The Norfolk and Western Handbook" by Wallace and Wiley, both books
available from the N&WHS Commissary, which you receive with every issue of
The Arrow.  These will give you a major start, by showing the list of all
steam locomotives.

To my knowledge, the diesel and electric info will require a lot more
research, especially for the diesels, due to their sheer numbers.  Other
members should be able to help you there.

Jarrell Greever


First of all, the N&W had more than one pacific.  The 578 is perhaps the
most photographed because it was kept to operate on sections of the railroad
where the K2 and J were not allowed, or could be put to better use on other
portions of the "main line."

Richard Prince's book, Norfolk & Western: Pocahontas Coal Carrier contains a
complete list of the N&W steam and electric locomotives, including
retirement/scrapping dates.  The diesels are covered in a two volume set
authored by NWHS own Bob Bowers; Bob runs The Commissary for the Society in
addition to maintaining his own hobby shop, Ken's Trains, in Roanoke, VA.

All of these books are out of print; however, you might check with Bob on
the diesel books as he may be aware of some that are still available.  The
Prince book will cost you dearly at a train show; however, Indiana
University (I think) is going to reprint all of Prince's books; not sure
when the N&W book will be printed, but I'm certain it will be covered.

You may even be lucky enough to find it at a library from which you could
probably photocopy the pages you are interested in.

Jim Brewer

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