[N&W] Re: N&W in SE Ohio

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Thu May 6 22:03:19 EDT 2004

My apologies -- Carrollton was NOT on the Adena Railroad, but was on W&LE's
Canton-Sherrodsville line.  W&LE No. 30 (Cleveland-Sherrodsville) offered
passenger service until 1927.  W&LE abandoned the Carrollton-Sherrodsville
portion in 1935. Continuing --Sherrodsville to Jewett (Fairview) on W&LE
No. 6. Because the Adena, Cadiz & New Athens wasn't opened  until 1917,
passengers apparently transferred to the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati & St. Louis
at Jewett for a ride to Cadiz Junction and there transferred to another
PC&StL train for Cadiz.  I have no information of PC&StL passenger service. 

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