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New Athens, Carrollton, St. Clairesville were all in what was loosely defined
by N&W as "The Eighth Mine District".  Prior to Dec. 1, 1949 the area was
served by Wheeling & Lake Erie and Pittsburgh & West Virginia.  W&LE
became a part of NYC&StL (the Nickle Plate Road) on that date, NKP was
merged into N&W in 1964.  A good source of W&LE and NKP history is
John A. Rehor's "The Nickel Plate Story".

There are two tunnels near Hopedale -- Hanna Tunnel on the P&WV main line
and Rexford Tunnel on the former W&LE branch between Pittsburgh Jct. and
Adena.  The problem with these tunnels is they aren't  (or weren't) stable.
In the
70's, it wasn't unusual to have rocks drop from the tunnel ceiling.  N&W
24-hour watches on Rexford Tunnel in the 70's. I suspect that the NEW W&LE
has found a cheaper way to do it.

The transit time for the trip mentioned MAY have resulted because TWO
were required -- the Adena Railroad St. Clairesville to Adena and the Adena,
New Athens & Cadiz between Adena and New Athens.  Both were subsidiary
companies of the W&LE.   

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