[N&W] Re: Winston-Salem District

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Tue May 4 23:20:10 EDT 2004

Ron Davis wrote:
 >I've always thought it strange that the N&W (and NS today) do not run
 >straight up the Winston-Salem line onto the Shenandoah. This would make
 >a direct run from the Carolinas into the Northeast.
[Ed King responds:]

They can't.  There is no direct connection at Roanoke from the Winston-Salem
line to the Shenandoah Division North.  A connection could be built, I
suppose, but it would have to cross the creek, the east end of the station
complex of tracks, and the west end of Roanoke Shop.  Since there was never
any through passenger service and all the freight had to be classified at
the yard, there was no need for it.


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