[N&W] Winston-Salem District

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Tue May 4 23:19:15 EDT 2004

Does anyone know what division the Winston-Salem(NC) district was assigned


James Matthews.

Ron Davis replies:

The Winston-Salem district was assigned to the Shenandoah Division.

Louie Newton showed me where the mileposts for the Winston-Salem line
are measured from the WEST end of the Roanoke yard via the Roanoke
Belt Line. (This is near the reclaimation yard we toured during the
Convention.) One would have thought that the mileage would have been
measured from the EAST end along the tracks that pass through the diamond
by the old Virginian passenger station.

I've always thought it strange that the N&W (and NS today) do not run
straight up the Winston-Salem line onto the Shenandoah. This would make
a direct run from the Carolinas into the Northeast.


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