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Tue May 4 23:16:36 EDT 2004

Somewhere in the back of my mind I remember a model I made in high
school in the late 50's.  It was a tuscan red from the top down to the
spout and white from there on down. I was not well informed or had
access to info as now and maybe it was just a choice of one I saw else
where or a different line. I lived in Ashville on the Scioto Div and
there were a pair of towers just south of Circleville (out of service
then) but I never got really close to them or remember if they may have
been wood or steel.

 >From color photos I've seen, it appears many steel tanks were black; wooden
ones appear to have been painted a reddish-brown (see OWL's "The Last Steam
Powered RR")...

Andre Jackson

According to information found on pages 100 and 101 of Norfolk & Western
Railway Standards Drawings (published by and available through the NWHS
Commissary), the wooden tanks were painted as follows:

"Paint all metal supports with two field coats of black bridge paint-Spec
35; paint fixtures, outside of tub, roof and all finished wood work with two
coats No. 2 brown trim color."

Hope this helps.

Jim Brewer

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