[N&W] Feedwater Heaters

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Tue May 4 23:15:21 EDT 2004

[Gary Mullis forwards:]


Thought I would offer my 2 cents worth on the feedwater heater issue.

	Regards to the feedwater heaters applied to the J's, A's & Y-6b's.
The purpose of the feedwater heater is to heat the water before it is
injected into the boiler.  When cold water is injected directly from the
tank, the boiler is cooled and a loss of steam pressure results (usually
5-10 lbs., depending on how much water is injected).  The feedwater heater
will heat the water so there is a minimal loss of steam pressure in the
boiler while running.  This also results in less coal being used to heat the
boiler as well.  The feedwater heaters were probably applied to these
engines to achieve maximum efficiency while on the road.  Especially since
these engines were used regularly on passenger and time sensitive freight

Mike True

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