[N&W] Re: N&W Caboose 530332

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Tue May 4 22:44:18 EDT 2004

The referenced caboose R# 530332 is a former Virginian caboose R# 332. It was
built by the VGN RWY shops at Princeton, WV. and carries a build date of
1-58. On 5-22-62 this cab was repainted and re# in the N&W system as R#
530332. Used normally in coal mine service in West Va. Retired on 10-26-84
and stored for disposition at Roanoke, Va. Cab was finally sold to D.F.
Barnhardt & Associates (dealer) at Mt. Pleasant, NC. By your sighting I would
guess that now it is in the hands of a private owner. Any more info on
location and owner would be appreciated.

Bob Bowers

Information on this caboose can be found in "Cabooses of the Norfolk and
Western," published and available from the Society.

Jim Brewer 

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