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Tue May 4 22:41:43 EDT 2004

 >Joe, it's only speculation, but it seems logical 40 years after the fact to
 >assume (always risky) that the N&W got a lot of the benefits without having
 >to cough up its own equipment_at least in the early years. Remember, it
 >wasn't really as much a joint service as it was SRR trying to save a few
 >miles by using the shorter N&W routing that occurred in the middle of the
 >route. The N&W got the benefit of the Tennessean between Radford-Bristol
 >without using its own equipment. Save for the joint SRR interline trains,
 >only an N&W psgr. local traveled between Roanoke and Bristol. 'Course, in
 >later years, the trains were more of a mix of N&W-SRR equipment. Correct me
 >if I'm wrong, cuzzin' Ed...
 >Andre Jackson
Ed King replies:

Gang - those three joint trains dated back from the very early days, and
were seen as preferred routes by the Suthren for the Menphus train and the
Bumminham trains.  And there had almost always been a Noo Yawk-Nawlins train
that went that way, probably promoted by the Suthren as a Bristol ('n'
points Souf)-Nawlins train.  All of them except the reequipped Tennesseean
had equipment from bofe roads, and so did it did later in life.

I don't have any idea how the agreements were done, but there was an N&W
diner in the Nawlins train (fawty-one and fawty-too) from Ronoke to

Suthren could - and did - get away with routing a car of freight from
Washanun throo Ashevul to Knoxvul to Channooga to Menphus, but passengers
might have objected.

Got to get into the Betty Ford clinic - I'm hooked on fonix . . .


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