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Tue May 4 22:41:07 EDT 2004

 > Why didn't the N&W purchase passenger cars to use
 > in Tennessean service?  On Southern's other premire
 > streamliner, the Southerner, the two railroads over
 > which it ran (PRR and SR) both purchased cars for
 > use in this train.  It would only seem logical
 > that N&W would buy cars for the Tennessean since
 > it carried the train for a significant distance.
 > If anybody could answer this question, I would be
 > most interested in the reasons.
 > Joe Daniels, Maryland

Joe, it's only speculation, but it seems logical 40 years after the fact to
assume (always risky) that the N&W got a lot of the benefits without having
to cough up its own equipment_at least in the early years. Remember, it
wasn't really as much a joint service as it was SRR trying to save a few
miles by using the shorter N&W routing that occurred in the middle of the
route. The N&W got the benefit of the Tennessean between Radford-Bristol
without using its own equipment. Save for the joint SRR interline trains,
only an N&W psgr. local traveled between Roanoke and Bristol. 'Course, in
later years, the trains were more of a mix of N&W-SRR equipment. Correct me
if I'm wrong, cuzzin' Ed...

Andre Jackson

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