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Tue May 4 22:39:08 EDT 2004

On my last trip ( a few years back) that direction, Spout Springs was still
standing, although not at too near it's original location. It had been moved
and turned, the exact distance, I do not know, but it was still standing and
privately owned.

Ken Miller


Not being familiar with station descriptions, the Forest VA station is still
here. It has large doors and platform for freight if that is what a
combination station is.

Charlie Long
Lynchburg, VA


Gary Rolih writes:

Regarding the No.2 Station, I assume you are interested in the wood station 
and not the brick style- drawings available in the standards book.  I do 
not have any plans for the wood style.

But, from observation of my photos of Scioto Division stations, the No.2 
wood was built in a number of different "sizes".  The waiting room and 
freight side would be lengthened or shortened depending on the available 
business or property. I suspect the N&W changed the width, too, when it 
desired. Implication, know your prototype!

Regarding the estimation of dimensions from photos, there is an EXCELLENT 
reference in the latest FLIGHT magazine- a bi monthly- that shows how to 
develop the dimensions for an aircraft using some perspective rules and ONE 
known dimension.  (Doors are 6 foot eight inches as a standard.)  Using 
this method, it would be very straight forward to work out the dimensions 
for a simple rectangular shape such as a station.  If you use simple CAD 
like AutoCad which can run on a PC, it would be easy.

This Flight issue should still be available on the magazine racks in larger 
book stores


The N&W Historical Society has an HO model of this station for sale.  It is a
laser-cut piece done by Am. Model Builders!  Copies of the station plan are
also available from the archives for a modest fee + S&H.

Yours truly,

Jim Gillum

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