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Tue May 4 22:18:37 EDT 2004

Here is a snippet from one of NS's PR Dept e-mails:


Norfolk Southern Heritage
	Life in the early 1980s on the Norfolk & Western Railway, an NS
predecessor, has been captured in a time capsule inside a special
flagpole at Lamberts Point in Norfolk.
	N&W employees at Lamberts Point designed, built and erected a 58-
foot flagpole near the piers, and included a time capsule containing
issues of NW Magazine and Norfolk Southern World, the forerunner of
Paces, the NS magazine. In addition, the capsule includes coal dumping
records, coins, a personnel roster and photos, a calendar and a brass
railroad switch lock.
	Employees donated money for the project and labored after work
and during vacation time to erect the pole. An anchor dredged from the
Elizabeth River and a brass bell inscribed with "Safety First" rest at
the flagpole's base. The site was dedicated in December 1984.
	Today, officials at Lamberts Point report that Old Glory is
replaced two or three times a year, and should continue to fly over the
coal piers for years to come, its pole perpetually encasing the
memorabilia of the year of its raising.

Norfolk Southern Corporation

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