[N&W] Re: Question on Y6a Tenders - Part 2

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Tue May 4 22:18:10 EDT 2004

Ed King comments:

Ron - I don't think it is correct that the Y-6s and Y-6as had roller 
bearings in the old friction journal boxes.  That was before the days of 
the use of adaptors for that purpose, with "twirler" roller bearings.  When 
the trucks were converted, the entire round roller bearing boxes were used 
with adaptors in the friction bearing pedestals, except for the center 
wheel of the Buckeye trucks.   When built, A # 1200 had roller bearing 
tender trucks in friction bearing boxes with lids, but that was a 1936 
adaptation of the technology (that comes from Art Bixby).  We're talking 
about a practice here that started after World War II. The "twirler" roller 
bearings didn't become common until the early '60's.


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