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Tue May 4 22:15:30 EDT 2004

Mason Cooper wanted everyone to know:

Rails N Shafts still advertises the "N&W 1st GENERATION DIESELS" and "N&W 
2nd GENERATION DIESELS" books as being available for $39.95.

Ed Painter also had the following additional comments:

While not directly on the N&W roster, the AC&Y was under N&W control
starting in 1964 and had the following FM's:

H20-44	Road Numbers: 500-508  Note 1.
H15-44	Road Number:  200
H16-44 	Road Numbers: 201-208

Note 1:  506-508 were exP&WV to N&W - Road Numbers 68,69,67.
Transferered to the AC&Y in 1967/68.

The AC&Y was merged into the N&W during the 1970's but these FM's had
been retired by that time.  FAIRBANKSS-MORSE LOCOMOTIVES IN-COLOR by Jim
Boyd and published by Morning Sun is a good basic reference for FM
diesel information.  Rosters, some dispositions and so on.  Very good
color photos.

Ed Painter Jr

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