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Tue May 4 22:15:06 EDT 2004

Tony Benton asked:

Do you know who I can contact or to what I might refer to determine
if the N&W motive power fleet contained any Fairbanks Morse
diesels,and if so how many. Thanks.


Bob Bowers replied:

N&W had the following Fairbanks Morse diesel electric locomotives.
1.  From the Pittsburg & West Virginian:
	21 each model H-20-44 (N&W No.50 thru 71.)
	3 each each model H-16-44 (N&W No. 90 thru 92.)
2.   Fron the Virginian:
	40 each model H-16-44 (N&W No. 110 thru 149.)
	25 each model	H-24-66 (N&W No. 150 thru 174.)
3.   From the Nickel Plate:
	9 each model H-10-44 (N&W No. 2125 thru 2133.)
	23 each model H-12-44 (N&W No. 2134 thru 2155.)
4.   From the Wabash:
	4 each model H-10-44 (N&W No. 3380 thru 3383.)
	3 each model H-12-44 (N&W No. 3384 thru 3386.)
  	8 each model H-24-66 (N&W No. 3592 thru 3599.)
This is the orginal roster. Some renumber was involved later before scrapping.
Reference books for this are "N&W 1st GENERATION DIESELS" and N&W 2nd
GENERATION DIESELS byWithers Publishing. Out of print but can be found for
about $75.00 each.

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