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Spring Mills does have a new manufacturer. They decided to move ahead
with the DODX flats even though the B&O cabooses were next based on
order of announcement because the flat cars are less complicated and
they thought these would make a better first model for their new
manufacturer. I believe they are still hoping to get the flats out
this year, with the B&O cabooses to follow and then the N&W cabooses
after that. 

	The company is basically two guys, with their offices in one of their
homes. I ordered some B&O caboose parts from them several years ago,
and when I talked to one of the guys at a show, he literally told me
to send him reminder emails every two weeks, and he would eventually
open one when he was home and had time to run into the basement and
grab the parts. So yes, communication is an issue with them, but I
think it's more being busy and maybe a little scatter-brained as
opposed to intentionally ignoring people. I have one of their B&O
cabooses and a couple of the canstock boxcars, and the models will
definitely be worth it. They actually tracked down and purchased an
expensive can of paint ($40 I think) from the prototype company to
match the color of green for the DODX cars, so they take their models
very seriously. 

	I am going to assume that Athearn will continue making ICC cabooses
so they can reuse parts of the tooling and still be correct. I
mentioned the N&W C3's to them a couple months ago, and they were
aware of them as a possibility, so I hope we will one day see those
cabooses from Athearn, but especially after BLI cancelled their CF
project, my guess is Spring Mills is still going to be our best hope
for nice plastic steam era N&W cabooses, unless Tangent surprises us
someday, but I don't see them doing all of the class variants Spring
Mills is doing, at least not all at once.

	Marty Flick

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To all:
 Has anyone received an update from Spring Mills Depot and the 
 disposition of the N&W caboose project,
 especially in light of the manufacturing shutdowns in China due to
 Eric Raitch
 Gainesville, Va

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