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With all due respects to Eric B., I am reminded of the "KISS" rule: "Keep Ir Simple Stupid!" I thought we were looking for a way to help members of the society (or listers) to buy and sell items to each other. To my mind, these would be basically personal transactions. The purpose of the list would be to tell everybody that something was available (or to tell everybody what one is looking for.) First, the notice; second the reply; third, the transaction. If you have your own idea of what is "weathered" or whatever, you work it out in the third step. The first step (the notice) does not need to be complicated. You can ask all the questions you want in the second step. Hopefully, the answers you get in the third step will be satisfactory, and you can make a deal. If not, the item can return to the list. It's as simple as that. At least, that is how I would want to do it.
Jim Nichols
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