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Neat set of photos, all. Thanks for posting.
Andre Jackson

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That consist leaving Bristol looks a lot like 45 leaving Roanoke headed to Bristol in the fall of 1960.  Or the way it was supposed to look like.
That day I was out taking some photos and decided to drive by the station.  That was about 3 in the afternoon and no passenger trains were due.  There were a number of people waiting on the platform so I decided to see what was up.  Turns out 45 was over an hour late due to problems.  There was a truck from the roundhouse and several mechanics in the crowd to meet the train. 
It finally arrived over an hour late.  The fireman was hanging out the door of E-7 2909 and smoke was coming out the door.  Really an awful smell.
The engineer and fireman took to ground as soon as it stopped.  The men from the roundhouse boarded and went to work inspecting the 2909.  Some minutes later a RS-11 was coming down the main line.  It was N&W RS-11 352.  The 2909 was isolated and the job was turned over to 352 to handle the train with the help of the second unit an E-8.  Did not record the number of that one.
Two toots and 45 was headed to Bristol with the RS-11 352, E7 2909 dead and the E-8.  
When it got to the Railway Express Building the crossing was clear and gates down.  The engineer gave her more throttle.  What a sound that little diesel made leaving town.  One that I will always remember.. I do not remember the names of the engineer and fireman but know they were glade to get out of that rough riding cab at Bristol.
Photo attached of 352 and 45 leaving town fall of 1960.
Jim Blackstock
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Southern did this … usually an E-7 or E-8 and either F-3a or FP-7.  Fairly common practice in the ‘60s.  Attached is a pic of an E-7 with FP-7 in 1966 (I think Train 42 was the northbound Pelican) and a pic of another northbound at Bristol about to  hand off to the N&W.  The 2nd unit is an F-7.  I also have a pic of the Crescent in Mississippi with 3 E-8s and an FP-7 as 2nd unit.
Didn’t RF&P run E-8s in freight service lashups on an irregular basis?
Jim King
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Jack is currently doing an “E and F Combo” project, for RR’s that ran E-Units and F-Units together regularly.  Maybe if RF&P used this practice, he would include them in his thinking.
Can anybody document such practice?
-Eric Bott

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