N&W caboose paint schemes

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The only cab built in Ironville (Toledo) during 2-53 was C-9, 557-763. It was a copy of the W&LE C-8s. (Ironville was formerly a W&LE facility becoming NKP following the lease of the W&LE to the NKP). I spent many, many hours in and around Brewster, OH when I lived in NE Ohio in the early to middle 1970's. I got to know many N&W employees most of whom were former W&LE. I never remember any complaints about any of the cabs used during that period as hated or being coffins by train crews. The vast majority of the cabs through Brewster were C-6s, C-7s, C-8s, C-9s, C-19s, and C-20s. These are as one would expect are former W&LE/NKP, NKP, or P&WV cabs. Western Maryland cabs were also through there on occasion. What was the problem with the C-9 that warranted the comment? I too am curious?

Regards, Ed Painter Narrows, VA currently living in Russellville, AR

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Do you care to expand on that thought? Were they:
too small?
poorly built?
had a history of incidents?
other reason?
or all of the above?

I'm not sure that I've every seen that class caboose and am just curious what is was that made them disliked.

Don Trettel
Fall City, Wa

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"This caboose was built for the Nickel Plate in Ironville Ohio 2-53."

These weren't cabooses, they were coffins!

Jimmy Lisle

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