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Hi Mark;

Keep in mind that the K3 locomotives left the N&W in the middle of WWII; and they were a disappointment from the beginning.

The K2 locomotives were all streamlined immediately after WWII. There was a huge increase in filming after WWII due to advances made during WWII that brought the cost down and increase availability of film and cameras (some surplus) that made it much easier to make films.

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As I watched the opening sequence of Giant, with a K1 acting as a C&O loco,
I wondered where it was repainted and lettered. Where did they photograph
the sequence? I thought the C&O still had steam locos in '56. Any photos of
it during the production of that movie?

As I locate film and video of N&W steam for my painting and weathering
'events' I can't find any of the K3's, and very little of the un-streamlined

Mark Lindsey
Stuck in the 1930's.

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