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It was painted and stenciled at Roanoke Shops. As I understand, it was only lettered that way on the fireman's side, as that was all that was seen in the movie. I've not located anything short of a photo in the photo section of Trains Magazine at the time that was made anywhere other than at the Shops.

It was filmed on the C&O in the vicinity of Charlottesville. The station shown in the movie as "Ardmore" is actually Keswick, just east of Charlottesville. The view of the train was a bit distant in the photo.

I think the movie company wanted something that looked more like 1920s than a C&O K-4 or one of the handful of steam locomotives they had running at the time. Most C&O steam had been stored, and did not look quite as nice as an normally in-service K1 with new paint.

Ken Miller

On Feb 3, 2011, at 1:30 PM, NW Modeling List wrote:

> As I watched the opening sequence of Giant, with a K1 acting as a C&O loco,

> I wondered where it was repainted and lettered. Where did they photograph

> the sequence? I thought the C&O still had steam locos in '56. Any photos of

> it during the production of that movie?


> As I locate film and video of N&W steam for my painting and weathering

> 'events' I can't find any of the K3's, and very little of the un-streamlined

> K2's.


> Mark Lindsey

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