Airbrushing and Acrylics

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On my last note I left out that I too use a Pasche H series. Its' always performed well.

Ed Painter Narrows, VA living in Russellville, AR

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I guess that is why I gave up on acrylics. I have an old Pasche single action, which works fine with solvent paints. Jim Nichols

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Good question; I use the Badger 175 Crescendo; this airbrush was designed for use in spray acrylic paints; of course, you can spray solvent based paints as well. It is a double action airbrush. Your airbrush must be capable of handling acrylic paint; I have an older Badger 200 single action, and a Badger 150 double action; I don't use these with acrylics.

Jim Brewer

Glenwood MD

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