Pathetic selection of Southern STEAM decals

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What gauge, Mark?

And what has he done to the Bowsers to make them look like Southern engines?


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Subject: Pathetic selection of Southern STEAM decals

> My dad models the Southern RY in the 1930's steam era.

> He has more than a few unpainted Bowser engines that are in need of

> decals.

> Now that Champ is el-gone-o, and Microscale just doesn't offer any, I

> guess they can't be found.

> I guess it's up to the Southern Railway/Railroad Historical societies to

> generate them?

> I guess the pre-1941 N&W steam engine decals and the Steam era caboose

> decals are also gone.

> Good thing I got 20 packs of the locomotive decals last winter.




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