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Bruce:We can thank a bill that passed Congress in 1970.  It changed freightrates from regulated to just an agreement between shipper and carrier.Webster Brick shipped 5 or 6 cars per day.  N&W jacked the rates toa level that Webster Brick now ships by truck and there's no moreRoanoke-Lynchburg local.  On the other hand, in the late 1970s, N&Wproposed a unit train rate to their  Dominion's Wheelwright plant on theJames River, served solely by CSX.  Proposed route would have been viaHopewell, then CSX for the final 8 or 10 miles.  CSX's response ?Too much traffic on the Hopewell Branch.  N&W suggested analternate route via Secoast - then the former Seaboard to Wheelwright.CSX response ?  Forget it.  Now the public wonders why utility ratesare sky-rocketing.                             Harry Bundy
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