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On Fri, Apr 9, 2021 at 3:25 PM Norris wrote:

Important Trash Train News.

Pretty shortsighted on both sides of the operation. Norfolk Southern had a
steady income stream from this train but got greedy and jacked up the price
(perhaps on purpose because some bean counters saw a low rate of return for
stockholders and wanted to drop it). The resource authority just added to
the mess that is I-81 by adding multiple tractor-trailers to an already
crowded highway (how happy will people be to be stuck next to a full trash
truck on a hot July day when traffic is at a standstill for the "wreck of
the day"?). While the tracks to the landfill will become a roadway, trucks
will still need to get from the exit to the new road, traversing a narrow
and curvy stretch of the Ironto road. Dumb all the way around.

Bruce in Blacksburg
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