Ball's Hole Revisited

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The human mind, along with the five senses inputting data, is an amazing computer isn’t it?  ‘Seat-of-the-pants’ shall we say.  Thanks!    John Garner


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Jimmy, Those are interesting track charts with a bit of extra, non-traditional info included. Where’d you get them? Would take me a little getting used to because the East/West directions seems backwards. Thanks for sharing.  So what do you have to do to successfully handle a heavy train through a ‘hole’?  Any enlightenment would be welcome.    John Garner

    What can I say? East is on the left and West is on the right. This is a standard NS track chart. As for handling a train through a hole, it all depends on the terrain. How long, deep, and what is on the other side all determine what you need to do. Train length, tonnage and makeup also are big factors on what to do. We had a lot of up & downs on the Valley, so, I can't explain each and every example. As I said before, the Radford Div. is not my baliwick, so, I cannot comment on how the men over there ran their trains. 

Jimmy Lisle

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