Ball's Hole Revisited

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Jimmy, Those are interesting track charts with a bit of extra, non-traditional info included. Where’d you get them? Would take me a little getting used to because the East/West directions seems backwards. Thanks for sharing.  So what do you have to do to successfully handle a heavy train through a ‘hole’?  Any enlightenment would be welcome.    John Garner


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With Ken and Abram’s help (and a track chart that had the notation “BALLS HOLE” almost completely erased) Ball’s Hole was determined to be located at MP. 274.3 between Singer and Elliston.


OK, I finally found my track charts. I would say that you are correct with the N274.3 milepost. Coming downgrade (from the right to left) it goes from 1.2% - 0%, then up to .70% and after cresting the hill down 1.34%. I can see how this could have caused some knuckle-busting problems back in the day.

Jimmy Lisle

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