Steam Pusher Engines

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That photo shows several interesting things. I have to go that way in a few days, and will try to stop. The store is interesting, of course, 

It shows the pusher has run east, gone in the hole or siding here, and is now heading back west with the yellow flag stuck in the knuckle to mark the rear of the train. While the fireman closes the switch and locks it back.

Ken Miller

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> Harry,  Thanks for adding a little ‘color’ to the history we so enjoy. Here’s the country store you made reference to, on the left hand side of the photo, facing four-lane US 460. Unfortunately Google shows it’s no longer standing.  Irving was in the ‘big city’ compared to Boaz.        John Garner
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> Ken:
> By my recollection, Irving had a capacity of two cars -- conveniently located near a
> country store where crews laying over could get sodas and home-made sandwiches.
>                                                                   Harry Bundy
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