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     For those of you that didn't read Abe Burnett's post Sunday: 
"Roanoke - Cloverdale:  Control from UD, Park St, Roanoke, 1929", that 
same morning I came across a photo on Facebook. Looking at the photo I 
thought what a nice looking building it was an where exactly could it 
have been located? The only place that seemed to fit was Park St. 
However, there was nothing provided with the photo to explain where or when.
     Then, I came across Abe's post which I include in part below.

/On 2/28/2021 1:47 PM, NW Mailing List wrote://

> /The attached article states that the Shenandoah //Div Train 
> Dispatcher was at that time located at Park Street, Roanoke.  This is 
> correct.  The Park Street office was located  on the north side of the 
> R/W, immediatelyeast of the Park Street O.H. Bridge, and immediately 
> west of a location known (until the late 1950s) as Huff Mill.  The 
> Park Street office building burned on March 1, 1934./
> //
> /The building was a very large two-story frame office building and 
> housed the offices of both the Radford and Shenandoah Divisions, 
> including Superintendents, staff and Train Dispatchers.  I know the 
> Shenandoah Division Train Dispatcher (called "UD") was on the second 
> floor, and I think think the Radford Division  Train Dispatcher 
> (called "R" office, and "KD" message office as well) were also on the 
> secondfloor.  The article in the Roanoke newspaper the following day 
> describes which entities occupiedwhich portions of the building. After 
> the fire, UD Office was moved to the freight station and R and KD were 
> moved to the General Office Building./
> //
> /The N&W photo archives held a beautiful print of this structure, 
> probably from the Valuation era, which was lettered "Division Office, 
> Roanoke."  My wild theory is that this building was built at the time 
> the Shenandoah Division offices were moved out of the SV/N&W "Union 
> Depot" at Roanoke, and at the time Radford Division office were moved 
> from Central Depot (East Radford) to Roanoke. But I do not have dates 
> for any of these events./
> //
> /-- abram burnett/

  Now the photo:

     Now Mr. Harvey, you know the rest of the story!
Thank you Abe!

Jimmy Lisle

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