The 2021 NWHS Convention is postponed

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Brave actions - sorry they were needed.  The Committee/Board did the right thing.

Ed Svitil
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I'm sure that many of you have received this information from other sources, but we haven't made the announcement "officially".

The 2021 convention has been cancelled/postponed.  Your Convention Committee (again; for both NWHS and NYCSHS)considered a number of factors, but I'm afraid the decision took five minutes over coffee.  We considered things like a probable date for the bulk of our members to get the vaccine, the financial hit some of our members have taken this year, the willingness of some of our members to be on a bus for six hours, even if we were to get two buses so we can spread out, likewise jammed in a clinic room, the financial hit we might have if we delay cancelling, so we have postponed (yet again)to 2022.  We are penciled in for the same weekend at the same hotel.  I will be talking to Age of Steam and the Warther Museum.  Our plan (which has become a very dangerous word lately)is to do the same convention we were going to do in 2020 and 2021. More details will be published as we get them firmed up.

Also a factor was Tim Hensley's willingness to roll back, again, to 2023.   He might be a tad worn out as our President for what has been a difficult year, but we still appreciate it.

We will follow the same policy as last year for those who have preregistered who would like to roll over their registration for another year, or to get a refund.  Please contact the Commissary.  And please be patient; with the move and everything else the gang in Roanoke has had an "interesting" year.

Also, your Board of Directors is looking at the possibility of a virtual mini-con to be conducted in the Spring of 2021; stay tuned.

Frank Bongiovanni

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