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S1 sleeper Hampden-Sidney College is on The Pocahontas, train 4 at Petersburg June 21, 1955.  The car still retains its skirts at that date.  It's  interesting what is taking place at the station.  An S1a switcher is in the process of switching the dining car out of the train. The dining car will then lay over at Petersburg until the next morning when it will provide breakfast on The Cannonball, train 22 bound for Norfolk with the New York sleeper.  Presumably the cars on the adjacent track are The Pocahontas.  The switcher will then couple Hamden-Sidney College to the rear of The Pocahontas, train 4 for the balance of its run to Norfolk. 1955 was the first year train 4's dining car was set out at Petersburg.  Also, Number 22 was combined with train 16, The Cavalier at Petersburg.  The photo came from Bob's Photo.

--Rick Morrison
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