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 The Cor-Ten was only below the belt rail, and these appear to be the only "slab side" cars ever built with Cor-Ten. All other Budd slab sides had a couple of gooves with small inserts covering the area where rivets (or bolts) were used to attach the stainless panels. Why the N&W cars used Cor-Ten is a mystery, but they were almost the first, if not the first, Budd cars to have "slab sides." So maybe it was a learning curve. As to the removal of the center skirts, this took place in the early to mid 50's and waspart of a general removal of skirts on all the lightweight cars. So it may or may not have coincided with the removal of the Cor-Ten.
Jim Nichols
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 I want to build a model of the N&W Class S-1 Sleepers, which were built by the Budd Company, circa 1950.
These cars were all originally built with skirts; my research notes indicate these cars were originally built with Cor-Ten steel plates and there was a serious problem with corrosion; in 1954 authorization was given to replace those steel plates with stainless steel plates.
I am trying to determine when the skirts were removed from these cars; it seems to me the skirts would have been removed at the same time the plates were replaced.  I have an undated photo of the Scioto County without skirts; my notes indicate its plates were replaced in June 1954.
I have a photo of the Hampden-Sydney College in Petersburg on June 21, 1955 and it still has skirts; my notes indicate it received the corrosion repairs in July 1956.
Does anyone have more definitive information or photos of these cars?
Many thanks.
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