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I checked my copy of N&W Diagrams of Passenger Equipment, TLC Publishing reprint of the original. The S1 diagram has two revision dates: 6-6-53 and 10-26-53.  The drawing does not show the center skirts, only the skirts at the car ends. These drawings are short on details, so it's hard to know what the revision dates are all about. I think Jim's theory is correct. The skirts probably were removed when the side plates were replaced. I'm curious if the Cor-Ten steel was only below the belt rail. There is a color close-up of an S1 on page 82 of Jim Nichol's Norfolk and Western in Color, Vol 1. 
Budd prided itself on all stainless steel construction. I can't figure out why these cars were built with Cor-Ten side plates to begin with.

--Rick Morrison

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  I want to build a model of the N&W Class S-1 Sleepers, which were built by the Budd Company, circa 1950.

  These cars were all originally built with skirts; my research notes indicate these cars were originally built with Cor-Ten steel plates and there was a serious problem with corrosion; in 1954 authorization was given to replace those steel plates with stainless steel plates.

  I am trying to determine when the skirts were removed from these cars; it seems to me the skirts would have been removed at the same time the plates were replaced.  I have an undated photo of the Scioto County without skirts; my notes indicate its plates were replaced in June 1954.

  I have a photo of the Hampden-Sydney College in Petersburg on June 21, 1955 and it still has skirts; my notes indicate it received the corrosion repairs in July 1956.

  Does anyone have more definitive information or photos of these cars?

  Many thanks.

  Jim Brewer


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