Piggyback Service in the 1950s

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Here we go! N&W was the second member of TTX after Pennsy. The cars used were the F-73 75' foot cars of Pennsy and Wabash heritage that were relettered TTX over the Pennsy name retaining their original numbers.

The Walthers 75' is correct for the 75' car along with the 50' Walthers piggyback car but the 50' car did not have the side boards.
Since the route was used for commercial trucking outfits most if not all of the trailers were of the trucking company.

This info and much more can be found in the two volume set of the TTX story by Jim Panza, Richard Dawson and Ronald Sellberg if you can find one as they are out of print. The PRR Historical Society is the publisher of this book and may reprint.

I have two steam era TTX trains on my layout that Jim Panza painted and detailed for me. I do use an A to pull them along with some redbirds.

If you have any questions let me know and I will try to answer them.

Mike Ritschdorff
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The N&W Annual report for 1955 indicates piggyback service was inaugurated November 14, 1955 between Bristol and Roanoke. In the early years of piggyback service (when steam locomotives were still the main motive power) did the N&W have any trailers with N&W logos? I've found pictures of trailers in "steam era" lettering, but since the N&W paint scheme didn't change until 1964 (I think) I'm not sure when these N&W trailers were first used. What types of flat cars and lettering, and what trailers would have been used in piggyback service in the 1955 to 1959 time frame? Thanks.
Shawn Harley
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