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 I agree with Abram, Glen and Chuck. This is the east end of the ladder in Bluefield east yard. BTW: I worked here as a section hand in the summer of 1953, cleaning up after the extra gang had laid track in the east yard extension.
Jim Nichols
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    That photo was taken looking eastwardly at RD, the interlocking at the east end of Bluefield Yard.   
   The mallet is westbound on the Eastbound Main Line.  The track immediately to the left of the mallet is the Westbound Main Line   
   The J is headed east on the Radford Division Pull In track.   
   The switch off the Westbound Main Line, visible immediately above the coal in the tender of the Class J engine, is the switch leading to/from the ladder to Tracks 1 thru 5 in the departure yard, where coal trains were made up.   
   At the time I hired (1964,) RD was controlled by the Train Dispatcher at Roanoke.  But just a year or two earlier, RD tower had been there.  There is at least one man on this list work Worked RD Tower.   
   -- abram burnett,   Purveyor of Turnips in the Keys of C Sharp and D Flat Minor        ________________________________________
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