Brumfield Mine and Old County Maps

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 To the Turnip Grower Extraordinaire;
The Brumfield Mine lay on the south slope of Price Mountain approximately one mile west of Merrimac, near the Virginian siding Shelby. This is where their coal was shipped out. Apparently, this little mine changed hands numerous times through the years, but was locally continued to be called "Brumfield Mine". 

It was opened originally by James H. "Jim" Brumfield. While there is no record of it in 1908, it is shown operating in 1918. In December 1938 the Brumfield Mine( officially run by Hard Coal Mines, Inc.) suffered  the worst explosion of any other Merrimac mines, losing about 16 miners.
The  " mine" closed in 1939 because of gas".
Yd Bkm 

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 In searching (unsuccessfully) for the Broomfield Coal Mine in Montgomery County, I ran across a website which has some very interesting scans of maps for Montgomery, Pulaski, and Wythe Counties, as follows:    
   1.  1745-1858 Wythe County Settlers Map   2.  1750-1865 Montgomery County Historical Map   3.  1776-1976 Pulaski County Settlers Map   4.  186X Wythe County Map   5.  1864 - Pulaski County Map   6.  1887 Cripple Creek Geological Map   7.  1890 Wythe County Geology Map     
   Unfortunately, as with most old map scans found on-line, some of these are dim and faded and cry out for correction in a good graphics program.  If anyone is interested in these maps, I will clean them up and post them on Google Drive, from whence you can download them.  Otherwise, I shall not invest my time.  Raise your hand if you are interested...   
   -- abram burnett,   deputy assistant subrogator of turnips   
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