A Special Thank You To All Of America's Veterans!

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Go, Coast Guard!

Semper Paratus!

Brian Gilleran
Herndon, VA
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> It has been most interesting to see the Coast Guard remembered here.  Thank you, one and all.  I only served 10 years active duty, but as Phil Miller has noted, the great experiences and skills learned have served me well for the past 50 years!
> Vic Chudoba (ET-1)
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> I enjoyed my 30 years with the U.S. Coast Guard. It was a great experience and continues to help me in life.
> Phil Miller
> Semper Paratus, Phil.  In the 5th Coast Guard District (headquartered at Portsmouth, VA),
> the U.S. Coast Guard was known as The Midget Navy,  but was spelled  The 
> Midgette Navy.  Dare County, NC had two prominent families - the Tillets and the
> Midgettes.  With no industries located there,  the Tillets specialized in fishing for a
> living and the Midgettes became  a prominent part of the Coast Guard.
>                                                                                           Bundy, H. W.  (YN-3)
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