A Special Thank You To All Of America's Veterans!

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It has been most interesting to see the Coast Guard remembered here.  Thank you, one and all.  I only served 10 years active duty, but as Phil Miller has noted, the great experiences and skills learned have served me well for the past 50 years!

Vic Chudoba (ET-1)


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I enjoyed my 30 years with the U.S. Coast Guard. It was a great experience and continues to help me in life.

Phil Miller


Semper Paratus, Phil.  In the 5th Coast Guard District (headquartered at Portsmouth, VA),

the U.S. Coast Guard was known as The Midget Navy,  but was spelled  The 

Midgette Navy.  Dare County, NC had two prominent families - the Tillets and the

Midgettes.  With no industries located there,  the Tillets specialized in fishing for a

living and the Midgettes became  a prominent part of the Coast Guard.

                                                                                          Bundy, H. W.  (YN-3)

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