N&W Pedler Blue Passenger with Hamburger Herald on a Target

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 That's an ex-NKP car, NKP series 345-349, N&W series 1283-1287. At least one of them was repainted red before blue became the new standard.
Jim Nichols
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There are also photos of red passenger GP-9’s with the Hamburger Herald mounted on the “target”.
James Flummer
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I found this pic online of Passenger GP-9 #511 at Chicago's Dearborn Station on November 12, 1966.  It's gotten the full Pevler Blue treatment along with block lettering and Hamburger Herald.
What I found interesting is that the Hamburger Herald is mounted to a "target" on the short hood.  This is the first Pevler Blue passenger GP-9 that I have seen with a target as I thought the passenger GP-9s lost their targets along with their Gothic Heralds and Red Bird colors.  But where there's one, there must be more.
Also, I'd be most appreciative if someone could please identify the Express car behind the 511.  I can't make out the number, but It has REA markings in the lower corner with a compressed N&W letterboard and tuscan red paint.
Bill King
Arlington, Virginia
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