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Please pass this info along. Please consider joining the Railroadiana Collectors Association in order to educate yourself on the fun hobby of collecting and preserving railroad artifacts and history.
All aboard!

Norris Deyerle

Blue Ridge Chapter, National Railway Historical Society Chairman of Virginia's Rail Heritage Region Partners

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Subject: Important Membership Information

Membership Information

Membership Information

To: RCAI Membership and Friends

Again this Short Line has to start with negative Railroadiana Show news. But, it at least gives me another opportunity to remind you about the Winter Express that your Editor, Wes Ross is currently working on.

Railroadiana Show news:

Atlanta Model Train & Railroadiana Show – Saturday, January 16, 2020, Infinite Energy Forum, Duluth, GA


"No vaccine, no liability insurance, requires social distancing which makes the show impossible to hold, cannot risk getting our friends sick by being exposed to the virus".

A reminder that the upcoming Winter Railroadiana Express will describe an opportunity for members and others to actually contribute, in writing to the four upcoming 50th Anniversary editions of the Express. More information on that will be on the reverse of the insert page that will be in your upcoming Express.

In addition your Board has approved and will be providing you with a new and exciting way for all members to participate in an 50th Anniversary RCAI Annual Membership Meeting. More information on that will also be in your upcoming Express.

Exciting things are happening. And I would be remiss to not remind you that renewing your membership now, or considering the three year option saves your volunteer staff time and your membership dollars having to remind members to renew.

Again, thank you for all you do for RCAI. Keep safe and healthy.


RCAI is pleased to offer this service to it's members and to the railroadiana collecting public.

Let us know if you would like to stop getting these types of informational emails.
As always, if you have questions or concerns please contact Roger Hoffmann at:

hoffmann-roger at hotmail.com

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