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There is currently a slide on Ebay


that shows a yard scene (what yard is this?) with what appears to be  some
unusual PL signals
in the middle background to the right of the loco.  This first thing that
caught my eye was that the rightmost signal has two "arms" mounted back to
back on the same mast.  Next both signals have a "double" ladder/platform
configuration even though the leftmost signal appears to have only one
arm.  Finally, all nine positions on the targets appear to be occupied
with lamps.  I don't recall seeing these features on "road" signals so I am
guessing these had some particular yard use.
I might speculate that these are some sort of "hump" signals as there seems
to have been quite a variety of these, however, the tracks in view seem to
be quite level, unless the hump is out of scene.  Any thoughts on the
location and purpose of these signals will be appreciated.
Jim Cochran
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