Fry-Jefferson Map of Virginia, 1751

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Anyone interested in the line location of the N&W, with respect to topography, will enjoy a look-see at this 1751 map of Virginia. The map resides in the Library of Cogngress under the title of the Fry-Jefferson Map of 1751.

What absolutely staggers me is how accurately the topography of the Alleghenies, and its water courses, were understood at that early date.

The "Staunton River" and the "Great Road from the Yadkin River to Philadelphia" (later partially followed by the Punkin Vine) are both shown passing through the gap in the Blue Ridge Mountains at Roanoke. (If interested, check the absolutely excellent Wikipedia article on the "Great Wagon Road.")

The heavy red line on the map marks "Lord Fairfax - His Boundary Line." Fairfax had a line surveyed in 1746, to demark properties he thought were his by virtue of a grant made in 1649. If interested, search Fairfax Line in Wikipedia.

This file is a Photoshop work-up of the original. A raw scan is available from the Library of Cognress at:,0.057,0.752,0.449,0

-- abram burnett
Deputy Asst. Chief Vinter Down at the Turnip Patch Winery
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