N&W 2157

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Might this have been a "pusher/helper?"  I have seen some video footage where the locomotive was running backwards because there was no place to turn it at the mine.

Vic Chudoba
vchudoba at att.net

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 Good morning, all:

I have attached a negative scan of N&W 2157 at an unidentified location, available on eBay which I will not be bidding upon. I have three questions:
1) Any location guesses? There appears to be a water tank in the distance behind the cars.
2) Does the caboose behind the tender signify that this was a mine run or local?
3) There is a white flag on the pilot. Is this the flag location for an extra on the N&W? Most other railroads had a flag holder near the classification lamps.

Best wishes,

Frank Scheer
f_scheer at yahoo.com

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