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During my time at Ft. Eustis MRR in the 714th TBROS&DE, we have several flatcars loaded with pre-made switches that were off-loaded and then re-loaded to give the troops practice in being able to get them to destroyed trackage and get the line back in service as rapidly as possible.  No doubt a fairly common practice with railroads (although confirmation would be welcome) in case of accidents/problems.  A company was responsible for assembling them into track and B company for maintenance of equipment.  C company (or as they termed themselves - the REAL railroad guys) were the operators (you could tell them by their spit-polished Coracans) and the remaining companies engine and car maintenance, e.g. 663rd.  And of course, HHC pushed the paper.  You can naturally read all about it on wikepedia.  Interesting to have a photo of the way the N&W fit them into gondolas.

PS - Mike I'm assuming you "saw the pre-made turnouts"; no way the guy responsible for the tour would let you make them!!😊 Think of the liability!!!

Ed Svitil
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In the 1999 Roanoke Convention, we toured the Material Yard. There we pre-made turnouts in gondolas. Some of the comments I heard (and made) were along the lines of:
“Where is the Atlas logo?“ and “Is it code 83 or 100?”
For the world, we expected to see a wrapper in the trash.

Mike Shockley
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