No "call for signals" at train order stations after 1931

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Here is some more Annual Report info:

N&W 1924 Annual Report

    Automatic train control between Shenandoah, Va., and Hagerstown,
    Md., a distance of 107 miles,
    has been installed. The automatic signals, wayside train control
    apparatus and transmission line are
    completed and in service. A majority of the engines operating in
    this district have been equipped
    with train control device and are. being used in the operation of
    trains. The automatic train control
    is in an experimental stage and full operation has not been established.
    Your Company has secured from the Interstate Commerce Commission
    permission to install
    additional automatic train control on the remaining portion of the
    Shenandoah Division, Roanoke to
    Shenandoah, Va., a distance of 132 miles, instead of on the main
    line, but has as yet had no
    answer from the Commission to its. application for relief from the
    second train control order of
    January 14th, 1924, requiring additional installations estimated to
    cost about $1,200,000.

So, the wording in both the 1926 and 1924 Annual Reports implies that 
the automatic signals were installed as part of a "package" including 
the ATC system, and this is my recollection from other accounts that I 
have read about these installations.

And, incidentally:

N&W 1933 Annual Report

    Three-speed automatic train control system on Shenandoah Division,
    between Roanoke, Va., and
    Hagerstown, Md., was changed to automatic cab signal system,
    eliminating the automatic braking feature.

The cab signal system lasted until diesels replaced steam.

Gordon Hamlton

On 7/19/2020 7:24 AM, NW Mailing List via NW-Mailing-List wrote:
>   Gordon Hamilton provided this information:
> N&W 1926 Annual Report
> AUTOMATIC TRAIN CONTROL. Automatic Train Control (ATC) between Roanoke and Shenandoah, Va., a distance of 132 miles, including automatic signals, wayside train control apparatus, transmission line and engines operating with train control device, was completed and placed in operation January 1st, 1927. Automatic train control has now been installed on the entire Shenandoah Division of your Company's line, extending from Roanoke, Va., to Hagerstown, Md., a distance of 239 miles.
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> Is there a date in the 1925 Annual Report or earlier stating when ATC was implemented between Hagerstown and Roanoke? Also, I suppose that ATC was an enhancement to automatic block signals that had already been installed. In the valuation photographs of station buildings circa 1921, block signals appear in some views. However, the manual block signals are still on earlier views taken between 1913 and 1917, suggesting that automatic block signals had yet to be installed.  An example is the attached Berryville depot which has the manual block signals below the train order semaphores.
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