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Where can I find images of the WSS Mikes shopped by the N&W? I’m curious how close of a family resemblance they had with the pre-streamlined K2s.

Matt Goodman
Columbus Ohio US 

Closest you can get to an N&W Mikado  (actually a 2-8-2)  is the WSS version.   

The N&W and ACL shared that line and each provided equipment.  The ACL gave a couple of their old 2-8-2s and the N&W shopped them.  The ended up with N&W tanks, pilots, and other details, so that is as close as you can get.  


True, Ed.   And the N&W shops in Roanoke did maintenance on some PRR power also.  Granddad always talked about having to run those dirty PRR locos through the washer twice before they would work on them. 

My intent was to say that the shopping of the ex-ACL locos for the WSS resulted in a 2-8-2 that had a distinct N&W look. 

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